With the unmitigated hard work and sacrifice it takes to run a true, 24 hour business; as all care home owners can attest to, we’ve been blessed with some kind words regarding the service we provide. With humility and real gratitude, we thank those families and medical professionals who have taken the time to acknowledge in writing our work for their family members who lived with us. These are some examples:

“…I cannot imagine better care for their physical and emotional needs. Each is treated with respect and given individual attention to their specific medical needs…This is accomplished at the highest level of competency, because…Wes is a practicing Intensive Care Nurse. He continues to amaze me with his knowledge, expertise and compassion…I have always shown up unannounced and stayed from 30-90 minutes or longer.” –Pam, MSW and Geriatric Care Manager, 2008.

“Wes and Michele provided extraordinary care for my mother who had complex medical needs including advanced Multiple Sclerosis with…vascular ulcers…incontinence and advancing senile dementia. They were efficient and proactive at monitoring my mom’s changing medical needs and medications and they were knowledgeable in every situation that arose. I especially appreciate this since I live in another state…Wes was truly worth his weight in gold by knowing the right things to do, right questions to ask and right things to say when caring for and comforting my mom…” –Maria, 2011.

“…I want to thank you and your staff…you have shown wonderful care and concern…contributed to her quality of life by your effective management of her complex medical conditions and her many medications. Your ongoing assessment of her chronic pain and adjusting her medications accordingly made a real difference in keeping her pain under control. Your ability to work so effectively with her primary care physician and the Kaiser Permanente medical system was key to her care.” - Beth and Charlie, 2008.

“My father lived with Wes and Michele for approximately 14 months…we consulted with Clackamas County and also asked friends…the list was very short and Parkside was one of those recommendations. After visiting all of the recommended choices, the decision became very easy…While it may be smaller than some and seems more modest, don’t overlook the more important issues of cleanliness and quality. We truly believe that if you pick the services of Wes and Michele, you will not be disappointed.” -Don, son and June, wife-2010. Now in 2013, Don chose our home for a close friend to stay in our care.

“If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering trusting someone you love dearly into the hands of Wes and Michele. If you choose Parkside Adult Care Home, you are making a very wise choice.” - David, Lavonne and Douglas.

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