Why Parkside ACH?

Nursing homes/rehabilitation facilities provide a great service for those requiring temporary, intense rehabilitation or to care for wandering or aggressive persons, but are often clinical in feel and underwhelming in terms of comfort and personalized care for everyone else. Some are updating their façade, but still the inherent DNA of a large anonymous facility remains. Caregiver to patient ratio may easily exceed 1:10. Independent living facilities can be delightful, offering socialization opportunities and can provide limited assistance with care. As a person declines however, they’ll likely need to move out and find a place that offers the appropriate level of care.

This is where the adult care home fills a rather large niche, as it offers a host of advantages over these other facilities. Consider a top notch bed and breakfast with its distinctive intimacy, warmth, home cooked meals and expert attention to detail, juxtaposed with the neighborhood hotel chain. A quality care home, similarly offers characteristics that larger, anonymous care facilities simply cannot provide. In a fine care home, owners and caregivers know every visiting family member and take ownership and pride in the work that they perform. Every resident is treated as a family member with respect and dignity.

Parkside ACH is that quality B&B of care facilities. Truly professional care, warmth, attention to detail and personalized tending for each resident, set it apart from other care homes. All resident rooms are situated adjacent the main living areas. This setup provides privacy from the living room, but ensures that no one will be unheard or unseen down a lonely hallway. With familiar, engaged caregivers during the day hours, a quick response to needs is guaranteed for every resident. However, because we get to know our family of residents so well, we can often anticipate needs and prevent moments of discomfort. This is important to understand because many residents are or will, at some point be unable to summon staff, so an engaged care giver, who is not overworked, is worth their weight in gold.

As the owner of Parkside, I am intimately aware of and genuinely concerned about each individual in my home. I see and work with each resident daily. It is in my best interest to maintain a standard of care that is equal or superior to that of all other competitors. My reputation, conscious and livelihood depend on providing top notch care and a good place to work for my employees.

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