Direct R.N. oversight

With direct R.N. oversight, our residents’ are privy to an expert level of medical management.

1) Medication management includes discussing the regimen and even relevance of one’s current medications related to their goals and contacting the physician when concerns arise. Close monitoring of one’s medications ensure intended effect versus just, “passing pills,” and adjustments will be made if necessary. Further, my professional, working knowledge of medications for end of life prescriptions such as, Morphine or equivalent, the antiemetics, antipsychotics, antianxiety drugs, etc. is vitally important. This assures your loved one is immediately and appropriately medicated to maintain comfort for the end-stages of life.

2) Resident centered care: With a nursing care plan developed and demonstrated to staff by me, appropriateness and consistency for both resident and caregiver are achieved. As a resident declines, care to maintain comfort is adjusted accordingly.

3) Close attention to infection control, with a keen interest in maintaining a healthy and clean environment is paramount. Frequent hand washing and/or alcohol hand sanitation is mandatory for staff and strongly encouraged for all visitors. All hand held devices and entire kitchen area are sanitized daily. Chlorine is used to sanitize bathrooms and laundry frequently and all personal “accidents” are cleaned up immediately.

4) Effective communication with the residents’ Physicians, nurses, social workers, etc, ensure important information about your loved ones’ well being and comfort are known to their medical staff. Families are updated as needed and the POA and/or next of kin is given my personal cell phone number and encouraged to call me ANY time a question arises. But, as family is strongly encouraged to visit w/o appointment, most will be able to see and discuss progress in person.

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